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Goodbye My Friend, a retirement songLance and Susie Krauter, a husband and wife unsigned music duo, began a side project called "Touched by a Tune" (later to be named Specialty Songs) in early 2006. Lance and Susie named their musical pursuit "Tru North" and completed two home recorded acoustic gospel albums, titled after the location of their home recording studio at the Krauter house, "Songs from the Shed" and "Songs from the Upper Room."

A request came for a specially written song for a retiring business woman. The party planners provided Susie with adequate knowledge of the retiree's past, memories and character qualities. In no time Susie had a stunning song written for the retirement party. There wasn't a dry eye in the house after Tru North's performance. The song was a major hit at the party. Lance strummed his Taylor acoustic guitar and Susie sang a melody from her heart. With such a positive experience because her song "Goodbye My Friend", Susie put it on the web and began Specialtysongs.com, a website where people can find songs for special occasions.

"Goodbye My Friend" is an inviting acoustic retirement song written to make an impact, celebrating a handful of past joys while facing a forever farewell. Offering a stately vocal performance by award winning (Worthy Music Ministries Award) author and singer Susie Krauter, this letter-like ballad brings a simple touch to the straightforward writing as Lance accompanies her with his hearty finger picked guitar licks.
Goodbye My Friend, a retirement song
Goodbye My Friend (For Her)
Tru North Music
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Goodbye My Friend, a retirement song

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