The Perfect Song for Your Retirement Party Slideshow

Are you searching for a song that will honor a loved one leaving the workplace? Goodbye My Friend never fails to impact an audience with an atmosphere of warmth and respect. This retirement song has been a hit in many retirement party playlists and slideshows.

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Who We Are

Lance and Susie Krauter are independent musicians who produce rustic, passionate music through the pairing of a driving acoustic guitar with heartwarming vocals.

What is the story behind this retirement song?

Susie was approached by a group of women planning a retirement party for a retiring business woman. The party planners provided Susie with an ample history of their dear friend and asked that a song be written to honor her life. Lance & Susie wrote and performed the song - his guitar, her voice - and they brought the house down. There wasn't a dry eye at the party. The retiree and all of the guests at the event experienced the powerful impact of uplifting their beloved coworker and friend. Goodbye My Friend was a hit.

This is what people are saying,

Kristy Rosele
Thanks, Susie, for the song! It's beautiful, heartfelt, and was exactly the song I was looking for in making my mom's retirement video after 42 years of teaching. I found it by googling retirement songs and someone else had used it in a YouTube video. I couldn't find it on iTunes, but saw that they posted your name and website on their video. I was hesitant about buying from an unknown website, but it was simple to use and I had no issues downloading it, purchasing it, or getting my software to accept it. Thanks again for creating such a beautiful song and making the process so easy. Kristy
Patrick Millerd
I have just finished a three and a half year contract working in the Philippines and this song was included in a video the staff made covering my time in the company. It was a lovely occasion made all the more special by this song ... and it generated a few tears! Thanks - the song and words made the video unforgettable.
Marlene Pickerell
Hi Susie, I was just searching the internet...looking for songs, poems etc for our principal who is leaving at the end of this school year. When I came across your site and listen to your song...I thought this is perfect! The lyrics and music fit right into how we are all feeling about her leaving...there will not be a dry eye that day. Thank you so much for sharing your "gift" that God has given you! Have a peace-filled day!
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